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The Psychology of Making Requests: A Deep Dive into Corporate Training Dynamics

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How many times have you felt uncomfortable asking a learner or your class to do something? 🤔 Maybe it was an activity, or perhaps you…

“There are no stupid questions.” Really? – Effectively Managing Learners Questions

| Food For Thought, Mastering Training Preperation, Mastering Training Presence, Mastering Virtual Training | No Comments
Managing learners’ questions in the corporate classroom isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are a variety of factors that could impact your ability…

Trainer Transitions: If You Can’t Make It Smooth, Make It Comically Awkward!

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As a corporate trainer, you know that transitioning between topics or activities can be a challenging task. However, failing to do so smoothly and efficiently…

Clear is Kind: Clarifying Techniques for Corporate Trainers

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Introduction I didn’t realize how much I used it until I lost it. 😞 Neither my wife nor I had slept in almost a week.…