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Corporate Training Companion

Your companion helping you develop your training competencies for the modern classroom.

Corporate training can be engaging and, dare I say it, even fun! My field tested methods will up your game in the classroom.

Jordon Taylor

Mastering Training Presence

Mastering Classroom Conversations

Mastering Virtual Training

Food For Thought

Preperation and know-how are are the two primary keys to success in the corporate classroom.

Most trainers are never taught how to prepare for training delivery properly. Trainers are often promoted to train others because they figured out how to deliver consistent results in their current role. My field-tested methods can help you and your teams master the corporate classroom experience.

Whether it’s developing a commanding presence, leading constructive conversations, or managing a virtual classroom, I’ve got you covered. I have well over ten-thousand hours of training delivery experience and have developed trainers from all over the world.

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My program offers a unique experience tailored to you

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From adult learning theory to body language. I will help you find your voice so you can deliver training like a pro.


The tools and knowledge you need to put your best foot forward. Whether it’s a module or a course, you will have everything you need to prepare.


Storytelling, analogy, running effective activities, and more. Learn how to engage learners so they leave meeting your learning objectives.


Your journey doesn’t end when you complete the program. Walk away with the information you need to continue to develop your skills for years to come.

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