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Jordon Taylor


With over a decade of experience working with renowned international companies in various industries like tech, logistics, automotive, and government, I have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

As a learning professional, I am driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to challenge the status quo in the learning space. Engaging, prepared, and confident corporate trainers transform how we learn and grow. My field-tested techniques engage and captivate learners, ensuring their knowledge retention and application in real-world scenarios.

With me as your corporate training companion, you can expect a dedicated professional who understands the ever-evolving landscape of corporate training. I constantly stay ahead of the curve, exploring emerging technologies and methodologies to ensure your learning initiatives remain cutting-edge and impactful.

Join me on this transformation journey, and let’s unlock your true potential together. Contact me today to explore how my companionship can elevate your corporate training career.




Across multiple industries, including tech, automotive, start-up, Fortune 500, and government.